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I am the Pastor of the Downsville Church of the Brethren. This BLOG was set up to allow for interchanges of views, questions, ideas or suggestions concerning the Evangelical Church. While I am a Pastor in the Church of the Brethren all faiths are welcome to join the discussions.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stop, Look and Listen

What happens when you have nothing to say to God? We all reach that point. We sometimes feel foolish asking for the same thing again. We sometimes feel like our problems are not something we should bother the LORD about. Sometimes, we just don’t feel like we know why we are in prayer – is it just a habit?

There are several methods for handling the “nothing to say” problem. The one we seldom employ is to let God do the talking. Too often we treat God like He has nothing to say in the conversation. Do you really think that the Creator of the Universe doesn’t have anything important to say to you? Remember, He wrote a whole book!! Sit quietly after you start your prayer time and follow the old railroad crossing advice – STOP, LOOK & LISTEN.

STOP talking. By the way, the LORD already knows what you have to say. He still wants you to come to Him and say it but occasionally He wants into the conversation.

LOOK around you to see His GLORY. Look for His leading and His direction in your life. He often speaks to us through our eyes – keep them open to see what He is showing you.

LISTEN to His message. Often you will “hear” the whispers of God through the words of those around you. In times of quiet contemplation you may finally be able to grasp the true meaning of what a friend has said to you – something you rejected at first because it didn’t fit your agenda. God almost always tells us something that doesn't fit the agenda we want to follow. That BOOK He wrote will tell you His agenda.

Remember the words of His Son, “Let those who have ears, hear”