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I am the Pastor of the Downsville Church of the Brethren. This BLOG was set up to allow for interchanges of views, questions, ideas or suggestions concerning the Evangelical Church. While I am a Pastor in the Church of the Brethren all faiths are welcome to join the discussions.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Really Slippery Slope

How much is the Church willing to accept?

In this week's news is a report that the openly gay Episcopalean Bishop, "V. Gene Robinson, is being treated for alcoholism, a step that surprised friends and colleagues but seems unlikely to threaten his position in the church." [Quote is from the Chicago Tribune].

Not surprisingly the church leadership that promoted this unrepentant sinner is standing behind their decision. What's next for Robinson? Is there no stopping this slide into acceptance of any and all types of sin without ever asking for repentance?

If Robinson had left his wife for another woman and was living openly with a woman who is not his wife would he have been given the opportunity to become a Bishop? We all know that the answer here is NO.

Yet, the world is trying to convince us that some forms of sexual immorality are acceptable to God. Unless every translation I consulted is wrong then God still condemns sexual immorality by everyone of us.

There is little doubt in my mind that Robinson is a man who gives in readily to the weaknesses of the flesh. He needs the guidance of the leadership of the church, not it's duplicity.

We are all tempted on a regular basis. That's what Satan does. This is especially true of those of us who stand firm in proclaiming the WORD. If we send the kind of confusing message that Robinson is sending we are bolstering the message of Satan not the WORD of God.

Wilkie Nunn, Pastor, Downsville Church of the Brethren

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Passing the WORD

Do We Miss the Opportunity?

Acts 8 - Philip in Samaria and the Egyptian Eunuch

When we are offered the chance to share our faith in a traditionally hostile land like Philip in Samaria do we proudly proclaim the WORD or just wait for someone to ask?

As Chapter 8 of Acts opens we see Philip proclaiming to an audience that is listening "in one accord" Did they listen because the WORD was so compelling? Did they listen because they were seeing miraculous healings going on as Philip spoke? Were some of those there that day the same ones who believed when Jesus met the Woman at the Well (John 4)? We may not know but we do know that Philip did not wait to be asked in these scriptures.

With the Egyptian Eunuch, though, Philip did wait for an opportunity to be asked. Sometimes we have to give a hint that we want to be asked.

In both cases the result was souls won for the Kingdom. Remember the example of Philip. Speak the WORD boldly and be ready to answer the questions.

Wilkie Nunn, Pastor, Downsville Church of the Brethren

Monday, February 13, 2006

Salvation has two sides

Saved From What?

ACTS 2:21 And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.'

When we quote this scripture is it clear from what one will be saved. Is this like the SAVE button on WORD? Does it simply stop any further changes until we can get back to our lives? Are we certain that those we speak to about the saving Grace of our Savior fully comprehend what we mean?

In Luke 16 [Lazarus and the Rich Man] the Savior tells us clearly what fate awaits those who don't call on His name. He also tells us that there is no crossing over once your fate is cast. We know that Hell and eternal damnation are considered too harsh for some congregations but that doesn't make them any less real.

Let's make clear just exactly what SALVATION means. It isn't a temporary thing like the SAVE button. It isn't something to be taken lightly and, more to the point, there are two sides to SALVATION. On the inside you get the "mansion" Jesus went to prepare on the other you get toasted.

Wilkie Nunn, Pastor, Downsville Church of the Brethren

Saturday, February 11, 2006

To Change a Light Bulb

How Many Pastors does it take to change a light bulb?

John 1:5 "The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it"

The bulb in the fixture by the front door blew out - several weeks ago. My wife has brought this to my attention on a few occasions [during the 10 o'clock news when I let the dogs out] and I dutifully promise to change it - just not right now.

Today I changed the light bulb. It only took one pastor. First, of course, I had to go to the basement to find a bulb and then up the steps out to the garage to get the ladder. Then, with bulb in my shirt pocket and ladder in hand I went around front, set up the ladder, climbed up, unscrewed the plate that holds the top on the lamp, unscrewed the bad bulb, screwed in the good bulb, put the plate back on and screwed it back in place. Now I had to see if the light would indeed shine in the darkness so it's around the house [the front door was locked] and into the house to the front door to turn it on. Like I said, it only takes one pastor to change a light bulb.

Then I had to take the ladder back to the garage, throw away the old bulb and the job was done. Now do you see why it took me so long to getting around to changing that simple bulb.

Is that the way you are about daily reading of the scripture. Do you have to find the Bible and then just the right spot first? Do you put it off for days on end because it's just easier not to do it than it is to go to all that trouble just to read for 10 minutes a day?

This is why the darkness has not understood it. We need to spend every day in the WORD so that the darkness is pushed further and further back by the Truth.

Wilkie Nunn, Pastor, Downsville Church of the Brethren

Friday, February 10, 2006

If we "drop from the work"

Satan's Work

Nehemiah 6:8
Then I sent to him, saying, "No such things as you say have been done; you are inventing them out of your own mind" 9 —for they all wanted to frighten us, thinking, 'Their hands will drop from the work, and it will not be done.' But now, O God, strengthen my hands."

The Prince of this World sends those who plant untruths, misquotes or accusations against us so that we "will drop from the work..." This was true for Nehemiah and it's true for us. Paul railed against false teachers in many of his epistles. Satan has been at his evil work for a long time.

The enemy sends the forces of this world against us and against the WORD. If we "drop from the work" the enemy does a victory dance in the end zone. In Exodus 17:8-13 as long as Moses holds high the staff the enemy is defeated. When he drops the staff they begin to win. Moses couldn't hold the staff by himself throughout the battle so Aaron and Hur exhibit how we can help hold up each other throughout the work. We all need to help hold up the WORD so that the enemy will be defeated.

Only then can the work go forward.

Wilkie Nunn, Pastor, Downsville Church of the Brethren

Thursday, February 09, 2006

My Nose Itches...

What Did Jesus DO?

A number of years back I was in middle Pennsylvania helping to clean up after flooding. We were cleaning mud out of a room at a Methodist camp which, conveniently, had a small stream feeding down to the river which flooded. We would walk down to the stream, fill two buckets with clean(er) water and, start back up the slope with our load.

About half way up the slope my nose began to itch. At first I was just annoyed. "Why does it always happen when your hands are full?" I was on a slope so I couldn't set the buckets down without spilling them. I was annoyed!

I then began to wonder - Did Jesus nose itch while he was nailed to the Cross? How foolish of me to worry about my little annoyances when the Son of Man had suffered far more than I would ever understand. Of course He couldn't scratch His nose but He did far more - He paid the price for my petty transgressions. He paid the price for my worst sins. He paid the price.

Somehow my nose didn't itch quite so badly then.

Wilkie Nunn, Pastor, Downsville CoB

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Entering Heaven with a fraudulent resume

Revelation 20:12 "...The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books."

When we reach the Judgment Seat of Christ and the Book of Life is opened we will be perpetrating a fraud. The Son of Man, seated at His Father's right hand will tell the whole world that there is nothing written in the Lambs Book of Life and that we have lived a blameless life. "Well done, my good and faithful servant" will reach our ears but we will know it's a lie. We will stand there silent - not protesting the obvious miscarriage of justice because we are getting off scott free. We will know that our resume contains all sorts of vile and despicable acts. But where are they in the Book? We listen to the list of degrading acts done by others before us and watch them being cast in the lake of fire. Some of the things they did weren't anywhere near as bad as what we did, were they? Why is my page blank?

The voice will tell me to step inside. The rags I will be wearing when I arrive will be replaced. The illnesses I have carried around with me for so many years will be gone. I don't deserve to be here, I will say.

But then, that hand, the one with the nail scars will take me by the shoulder and say - But, I forgave you when I paid your fare. Follow along and you will see the place I went to prepare for you.

Wilkie Nunn, Pastor, Downsville Church of the Brethren